With continuous advancements in laser technology, taking measurements of packages, parcels, and pallets in shipping and logistics sectors has become increasingly systematic and streamlined with today’s cubing systems.cubing systems technology

Cubing systems are the laser scanner machines used scan the dimensions (both volume and weight) of parcels before they are shipped. These cubing systems are operated by an advanced laser scanning technology, which lessens the amount of labor that was previously required to manually measure and weight these vital metrics.

How Cubing Systems Work

One of the unmatched technology behind the cubing system is the laser scanning technology. The volumetric laser scanning technology is one of the primary components to today’s cubing systems. With this type of technology, there is very no interruption in the regular workflow of operations, especially when integrated on in-motion conveyor systems

Cubing systems are made with an advanced and unique technology that makes the entire measuring process easy and effortless. Certain cubing systems, like those of DimensionalWeighing.com are integrated using some of the industry’s most advanced dimenioning technology. Some of the features of the cubing systems include the following:

Conveyor-based Cubing Systems

Nowadays, cubing systems have been integrated on industrial conveyor belt systems to offer package dimensions in real-time while units are in-motion. For operations that need to scan hundreds of parcels in a day, industrial conveyor-based cubing systems are a must.Conveyor Dimensioning Systems

In-motion Laser Scanners

This is one of the unique features of the cubing system technology of today. With this feature, the huge loads will not have to be still so as to get the measurement. The load can be on a moving truck, and the system will record the exact weight, along with the measurement. Compared to the static measurement, the in-motion system is dynamic, and it has little margin for errors.

Load Cell Sensors

With the advanced technology of the cubing system, it can be easier to get the accurate measurement or weight of robust units and large pallets. The laser can easily scan through the whole, even without having to move it. As the laser beams scan through the large pallet, the readings will be displayed on a specialized monitor that can also show what items are on the pallet or the huge unit. It is the most preferred technology for finding the exact measurement of a truck that carries heavy loads for shipping.

The large unit scanners can either be used indoors or outdoors, and they will deliver the same results. The accuracy is not affected by the environment. Also, it will deliver the exact weight and dimension of whichever load that needs to be measured.pallet cubing systems

The Rise in Cubing Systems

The major upgrades behind today’s cubing systems for dimensional scanning is the laser scanner. They can scan any size of the load that is to be shipped. There is no limitation on the height, width, or weight of the unit. The system helps to save time, and it provides more accurate measurements compared to the static systems. Also, it reduces the chances of injuries. They are the best cubing systems to use in a shipping company.