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3 Creative & Cool Cycling Jerseys for Men

Many guys get into cycling either for fun, commuting, competition, or as a way of burning off extra calories to keep in shape. Whatever the case, a many men who embrace cycling also appreciate some of the more cool and unique cycling jerseys to wear while out on the road.

From traditional or teched-out, colorful or subtle, there are plenty of unique and creative cycling jersey designs to choose from. Many of today’s manufacturers have gone outside the mainstream to create more innovative, unique, and elegant designs that are meant to give male cyclists options that resonate with their sense of style.

Retro2Ride’s Circus Cycling Jersey

The Circus men’s short sleeve jersey is form-fitting, fashionable cycling jersey that offers a creative color combination with a unique style. Designed with ultra-soft euro-mesh, the Circus jersey offers maximum comfort to any rider, while giving way to design that’s original and refined.

cool cycling jerseys men circus

The jersey material uses Airpass Pro, a moisture-wicking and quick-dry technology that will better ensure a comfortable cycling experience in many different conditions. And with its air through mesh side panels, cyclists can enjoy maximum breathability as well as 4-way stretch for mobility and functionality. If you want to take unique spin with this Circus cycling jersey, head on over to

Louis Garneau’s Equipe GT Series Cycling Jersey

The Equipe GT Series Cycling Jersey from Louis Garneau is one of the best jerseys that are ideal for summer riding. Designed with lightweight fabrics and breathable ventilation, the featherweight jersey can help you keep cool when riding in the summer heat. The jersey also comes with a sweat-proof pocket for putting your electrical devices and another for trash and gel wrappers.

cool cycling jerseys men equip

In addition to that, the Equipe GT series has a full-length front zip which can allow entry of extra air when you’re really working hard. And what’s more, the reflective accents on the back of the jersey help improve nighttime visibility for purposes of safety when riding.

The Equipe GT cycling Jersey comes in two types of fabrics namely diamond and AirFit. While the Diamond fabric is designed to offer a light textured construction for better ventilation and good moisture transfer properties, the AirFit mesh is a light, semi-opaque material that provides comfort, flexibility and better moisture control.

Primal Wear’s Dark Side of the Moon Cycling Jersey

The Primal Wear’s Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Jersey is one of the coolest jerseys that offer more comfort and allow the rider cyclers to perform to their maximum potential. Constructed with fabric technology that disperses moisture from the skin’s surface, the rider can enjoy a more stable temperature when riding.

cool cycling jerseys men pink floyd

The simply look, feel and offer the best performance any rider can ever wish for. The Pink Floyd cut jerseys are relaxed and can contour natural lines on the body without much constriction. And with raglan sleeves that extend from arm cuff to the collar, you can enjoy recreational biking or cycling without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing an ideal cycling jersey, finding a lightweight and comfortable material is important. Whichever brand or model you choose to buy, make sure it’s capable of providing indispensable moisture-wicking functions that you can rely for club rides, commutes, tours or mountain biking. Always take time to evaluate the jersey material, its weight and functionality before making any purchase. A good cycling jersey is not only comfortable to wear but keeps you going for miles without tiring.

Creative Cycling Jersey Gift Ideas from

Currently, the world has some 200 million active cyclists. Most of them are happy with basic cycling clothing, however some cyclists seek original and novel cycling jerseys that are a bit different than the rest of the cycling jersey ideas

If you have a relative or friend who loves cycling, then perhaps check out the creative and novel cycling jerseys at for an awesome gift. You can shop a wide range of cycling jersey gifts for both men and women with unique designs you can’t find anywhere else. But what’s great about is that you can get gift cycling jerseys that are made from exceptional quality material.

When it comes to serious performance cycling clothing, a quality fabric that’s breathable, snug, and moisture-wicking is essential. offers some of most premium cycling jerseys so you don’t have to sacrifice performance for an awesome and original cycling jersey gift for your cyclist companion.

gift cycling jerseys

The classic Rosie the Riveter design makes for an awesome cycling jersey gift for women.

Various Cycling Jersey Designs & Collections has a unique collection of cycling jerseys which can be sorted by design. There are dozens of unique designs that make for creative cycling jersey gift ideas. Some of the most most interesting collections include: classic vintage cycling jerseys, brewery and winery cycling jerseys, pop culture cycling jerseys, the lost empire cycling jerseys, knights on the road cycling jerseys, and many more.

novel cycling jerseys gifts

The Gumby cycling jersey is an original design that makes for a funny yet awesome gift for the right person.

If you’re sourcing (on behalf of a friend) for a cycling jersey on this website and you know of a special head badge they love, then you will not have any problem choosing from dozens of head badge construction and designs available here. Head badges are attractive, and sometimes used to set brands apart and even capture riders’ imagination. They used to be popular in the 90s, although some bikers still love the artistry that come with them.

Of course you could also make them feel like modern knights cycling their bikes on the road, thanks to the special type of jerseys meant for this kind of cycling on concrete or the countryside.

For those who are mad about pop culture, cycling jerseys are available with different inspiration to get them in the mood while cycling. The pop culture has undergone tremendous revolution since World War II. For this reason, people who love it have a special thing with it, thus they will always appreciate something like a cycling jersey that conforms to this culture.

high road cannabis cycling jersey

The Sour Diesel cycling jersey embodies just one of the many cannabis strains that inspired the “High Road” collection at

Finally, the High-Road collection of cycling jerseys depict the cultural movement of people who advocate cannabis (marijuana) horticulture. The marijuana culture has grown with the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis use, and this has given rise to a number of High Road cycling jerseys that embody designs of different marijuana strains.

Many Options for Gift Cycling Jerseys

There’s an option to choose between short and long sleeve jerseys for women and men. These clothing are made of materials that wick away sweat as the rider does their job. Some of them even come with a front zipper to create a ventilation effect when the riding gets hotter. Finally, some jerseys may come with reflective surfaces for night cycling.

Therefore, whether you or a friend goes round the world biking beyond the influence of sponsorship, advertising or any other course, one thing is for sure. A good cycling jersey will always play a role.

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